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BNB and IOTA on record hunt, Ethereum is fighting its way north

The price developments of BNB and IOTA are extremely bullish this trading week and are rising significantly to the north. Although Ethereum cannot lag behind that much, it still has the important milestone of USD 2,057 in its sights. The Altcoin Market Analysis.

Ethereum (ETH): Ethereum has 2.056 USD in mind
Price (ETH): 1,925 US dollars (USD) (previous week: 1,780 USD)
Resistances / Targets: $ 2,056, $ 2,809, $ 3,274, $ 3,562, $ 4,315, $ 5,068
Supports: USD 1,880, USD 1,715, USD 1,590, USD 1,482, USD 1,425, USD 1,377, USD 1,303, USD 1,223, USD 1,126, USD 1,042, USD 922, USD 837
Price analysis Ethereum (ETH) week 07.
Price analysis based on the value pair ETH / USD on Bitfinex .

In the course of the bull rally on the market as a whole, the ether price can also continue to rise and is approaching the USD 2,057 mark that has been repeatedly raised in the last analyzes. To what extent the announced hard fork of the beacon chain on Ethereum could affect the share price remains to be seen.

Bullish variant (Ethereum)

Other altcoins are currently making the running. However, Ethereum is also gradually rising further north. Interest in the DeFi sector is fueling the price increase this week as well. The ether price is also moving this week above the first important sliding support EMA20 (red), which is currently at USD 1,715. The important first price target in the form of the 261 Fibonacci extension at USD 2,056 is within reach and should be started soon. This price mark also corresponds very well with the red price-limiting upward trend line. If there is no significant profit-taking and the Ether price can also dynamically overcome this resistance level, the next price target is activated at USD 2,809. This is where the 361 Fibonacci extension of the superordinate movement is found.

Investors should again profit from this projected resistance. If the ether price rises again northwards after a brief consolidation and breaks the 361 Fibonacci extension, price targets at USD 3,274 and USD 3,562 come into focus. In particular, USD 3,562 will be relevant in the coming months, as the important 461 Fibonacci extension runs here. A consolidation up to USD 2,809 would be very important for the sustainability of the increase. If the price rally on the crypto market remains intact, the Ether price could even rise to the 561 Fibonacci extension at 4,315 USD in the first half of 2021. For now, the maximum bullish price target for 2021 can still be seen on the 661 Fibonacci extension at USD 5,068.

Bearish variant (Ethereum)

If the ether price bounces down in the area of ​​USD 2,057 or earlier and breaks the support at USD 1,880, the EMA20 (red) first comes into focus. This currently runs at 1,715 USD. If this chart mark does not stop, Ethereum should initially correct to USD 1,590. The 200 Fibonacci extension and the supertrend in the daily chart run here. If the USD 1,590 is also dynamically undershot as a result, a correction to the important support area between USD 1,482 and USD 1,425 is to be expected. Bullish investors are likely to make new purchases here and move Ethereum back towards USD 1,715 and above. However, if this range is undercut by the daily closing price, a fallback to USD 1,377 should be planned. This price mark acted as a resistance level several times in the past.

If this chart level is also abandoned, the support levels at USD 1,303 and USD 1,223 will come into focus. At these supports, the cops will again want to take the helm. If the bears manage to break through this price level dynamically, a correction extension to the low of the last 20 days at USD 1,042 is likely. If the USD 1,042 is also undershot, this represents a trend break. Further selling pressure would be the result. The Ether price should then fall back to the USD 922, the price low of January 11th. Persistent weakness in the overall market would activate the maximum bearish price target at USD 837. This cross support from the high of the year 2018 as well as the eruption level of the current rally movement again as strong support.

MicroStrategy CEO adresserer FUD over skatteproblemer for Bitcoin-investorer

MicroStrategys Michael Saylor afgav for nylig bullish udtalelser om Bitcoin i et nylig interview. Mens han gentog aktivets personlige forvaringsfunktioner, hævdede administrerende direktør, at selvom nogen „holder en pistol mod dit hoved“, kan ingen, inklusive skattemyndigheder, „tage Bitcoin væk fra dig.“ Saylor, der engang afslørede sine personlige Bitcoin-beholdninger tilføjede:

Du kan bede alle om at gå f *** selv

Du kan sætte den i dit hoved, huske frickin-tasten, højre, og den er her. Og så er det klassiske Bitcoiner-svar, åh, ja min Bitcoin, jeg mistede det i en sejladsulykke …

Bitcoin maksimalisten leder en af ​​de største institutionelle investorer i det digitale aktiv. Ifølge Bitcoin Treasuries besidder MicroStrategy 70.784 mønter til en værdi af over 1,13 milliarder dollars i sin skatkammerreserve. Han hævdede nu, at uanset hvordan tilsynsmyndigheder, såsom skattemyndigheder, nærmer sig Bitcoin, ville aktivet altid værdsætte.

Hvis Bitcoin er [en] bedre værdi af værdier end obligationer, aktier, fast ejendom, guld, sølv og derivater og enhver smag af kontanter, så er der ingen grund til, at det ikke skulle absorbere $ 100 billioner monetær energi, uanset hvad hvis du anvender alle reglerne på det …

Saylor antydede også, at hvis han ikke kunne klare sin skattebyrde, ville han hellere sige, at han mistede adgangen til sin bedrift:

Ved slutningen af ​​dagen, hvis du skubber mig for langt, mistede jeg det, det er væk, undskyld. Beskat det

Selv før præsident Joe Biden begyndte sin periode, havde FUD over skatteforhøjelser for Bitcoin grebet investorer i rummet. Desuden mener Saylor, at „regulerende FUD“ i løbet af det næste årti ville være den mest „logiske udfordring“ for investorer i kryptosamfundet, men at FUD ikke ville påvirke Bitcoins værdibeskrivelse.

Byens valg af SEC-formand, Gary Gensler, blev set som et positivt træk blandt kryptoentusiaster. Gensler, tidligere formand for CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), er kendt som nogen, der “ dybt forstået “ krypto og „stærkt støttet“ Bitcoin i årevis.

Imidlertid har embedsmænd opfordret til global regulering til overvågning af aktivet. For nylig mente Janet Yellen, Bidens valg af finansminister, at kryptokurver hovedsageligt bruges til ulovlig finansiering. Hun ønskede også at undersøge måder at begrænse deres anvendelse for at forhindre hvidvask af penge gennem Bitcoin-brug.

Ripple boss Garlinghouse takes a stand on the SEC lawsuit against XRP

For the first time, Ripple boss Brad Garlinghouse makes a comprehensive statement on the lawsuit brought by the US stock exchange regulator against XRP.

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of crypto payment service provider Bitcoin Machine, revealed in a new Twitter thread that his company was unable to reach an out-of-court settlement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the SEC lawsuit regarding its proprietary cryptocurrency XRP.

In the same breath, he also complains about the “legal chaos” in the US surrounding the regulation of crypto currencies

The Ripple boss takes a detailed position on the lawsuit for the first time in the Twitter thread , sharply rejecting the „unproven allegations of the SEC“. Rather, the crypto payment service provider would be „on the right side of the facts and history“.

Although no agreement has been reached so far, Ripple is still ready to talk. Accordingly, Garlinghouse writes:

“We have tried to reach an agreement, and will try again under the new administration, so that we can resolve this issue in a way that allows the XRP community to continue our innovation, investors are adequately protected and the proper operation of the markets is restored. “

The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Ripple , Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen in December 2020 , alleging that the distribution of the company’s own cryptocurrency XRP was an unlawful sale of securities. Since the lawsuit became known, more than 25 crypto exchanges, including Coinbase, Bittrex, OKCoin and Bitstamp, have either ceased XRP trading or completely removed the cryptocurrency from their listing.

Garlinghouse points out that XRP is a decentralized and independent cryptocurrency, which is why Ripple has no control over which trading platform it is listed on

In that regard, however, he notes that there is a huge difference between a temporary freeze on trading and a complete removal. In addition, 95% of XRP would be traded outside of the USA, which is why a restriction by the SEC would only have minor implications.

Although Garlinghouse admits that „Ripple has no control over where XRP is listed and who buys it,“ he does not answer the question of whether the crypto payment service provider ever paid for crypto exchanges to add its own cryptocurrency to trade.

The Ripple boss is also disappointed that Tetragon, one of the largest investors in the crypto payment service provider, which owns 1.5% of the company’s shares, has filed an additional lawsuit . According to Garlinghouse, however, the other shareholders still have confidence.

Meanwhile, Garlinghouse does not want to see the silence of Ripple since December as inaction, because behind the scenes the legal department under the direction of general counsel Stuart Alderoty is already working on an official statement, which is to be issued within the next few weeks.

Cover Minutes: Price drops 97 percent due to hack

Cover, a peer-to-peer platform in the DeFi space, has been hacked.

A suspected hacker has outsmarted the staking protocol cover and catapulted the token offer into inflation by printing over 40 trillion „coins“ .

Surprisingly, the alleged attacker gave the money but with a message back :

„Next time you take care of your own business.“

In the hack, the attacker initially liquidated over 11,700 coins on the decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch after inflating the token offer according to data from the Ethereum wallet explorer Nansen . In total, the hacker had stolen over $ 5 million from the project by the time we went to press.

Cover Protocol addressed the incident in a message on its Discord group, stating:

„The Blacksmith farming contract was hacked in order to mint an infinite number of $ COVER tokens. We have restricted access to coins on the farming contract to stop the attacker. If you offer liquidity for $ COVER tokens ( Uniswap or Sushiswap), please remove them immediately. “

According to the Cover Protocol team, the problem only affected the token offering. Money held in claim / noclaim pools is still safe. The project says it is investigating the incident.

The attack caused a massive drop in the COVER token price. It fell more than 97 percent while earning negative comments from the crypto community. Back in November, Cover was one of the DeFi protocols that merged with Yearn.Finance .

Cover is the latest victim of opportunistic, for-profit attacks against numerous protocols among the DeFi projects in a malicious hack this year.

As Cointelegraph reported, the mass of DeFi hacks over the course of the year is one of the biggest disappointments in the crypto space for 2020. However, data manipulation is considered easy to do in many projects.

Institusjonenes ’synes å ha gått glipp av‘ på Bitcoin’s Rally to a New All-Time High: Report

Institusjonelle investorer ser ut til å ha gått glipp av bitcoins rally til en ny heltidshøyde på over $ 24 000, da mens detaljhandelinvestorer utnyttet sine lange posisjoner, kuttet institusjonene sine og tok fortjeneste.

I følge en rapport publisert av OKEx Insight nådde åpen interesse en ny heltidshøyde på 8,9 milliarder dollar i løpet av helgen, og OKEx ledet med 1,6 milliarder dollar i åpen interesse

På samme måte så BTCs evige bytter at markedsprisen deres oversteg indeksprisen da finansieringsrentene nådde en ny høyde.

I henhold til OKEx Insight indikerer overdreven finansieringsrente økende gearing i markedet, noe som innebærer at detaljhandelsinvestorer som handler på kryptovaluta-børser, utnyttet sine lange posisjoner ettersom BTCs pris steg til sin nye heltid.

Med henvisning til data fra Chicago Mercantile Exchange, som endte like før Bitcoin Trader flyttet seg forbi $ 20.000, bemerket OKEx at åpen interesse „konsekvent avtok i løpet av de siste tre rapporteringsperioder“, som „fortsetter å vise at institusjonelle investorer tok fortjeneste, og at de i stor grad gikk glipp av det siste rallyet. ”

Kapitalforvalterenes lange posisjoner, tilføyer rapporten, falt fra 544 til 492 før rallyet, mens korte posisjoner økte fra m11 til 26

Leveraged fondes lange posisjoner gikk tilsvarende ned fra 4 365 til 3 946, mens korte posisjoner gikk ned fra 9 354 til 8 702.

OKEx Insight skriver at disse posisjonene faller og korte posisjoner øker, indikerer at kapitalforvaltere og gearede midler „ikke forutså prisstigningen“ og feilvurderte markedets oppbrudd, og sannsynligvis trodde motstanden på $ 20.000 ville holde.

Ettersom oppgjørsdatoen for kvartalsvis futures og opsjoner kommer opp, forventes mer volatilitet i markedet ettersom et stort antall utløpende opsjoner kan se at prisen beveger seg mot „Max Pain“ -punktet, som er stikkprisen med den mest åpne kontrakten. setter og ringer.

OK Pain-prisen, skrev OKEx, er rundt $ 23 750, og en bevegelse mot den ville “forårsake økonomisk tap for det største antallet opsjonsinnehavere ved utløpet.

Hat der Bitcoin-Preis gerade ein „Retail FOMO Peak Signal“ gesehen? Dieser Indikator sagt ja

Die Binance Futures-Finanzierungsrate hat Deribit am 18. Dezember überholt, was historisch gesehen dazu geführt hat, dass Bitcoin sich konsolidiert oder zurückzieht.

Der Bitcoin (BTC) Futures-Finanzierungssatz auf Binance Futures überholte Deribit am 18. Dezember, laut Daten von CryptoQuant. Historisch gesehen, wenn dies geschah, sah die dominante Kryptowährung eine lokale Spitze oder Konsolidierung.

Die Finanzierungsrate der wichtigsten Kryptowährungen, einschließlich Bitcoin und Ether (ETH), stieg in den letzten 48 Stunden deutlich an. Dies deutet typischerweise darauf hin, dass der Terminmarkt überhitzt ist, was die Wahrscheinlichkeit eines Pullbacks erhöht.

Binance-Finanzierung vs. Deribit-Finanzierung.

Was kommt als nächstes für Bitcoin?

Bitcoin hat bereits einen relativ kleinen Pullback und eine gewisse Konsolidierung nach seiner jüngsten Rallye erlebt.

Innerhalb von zwei Tagen, vom 16. auf den 17. Dezember, stieg der Preis von Bitcoin von $19.300 auf bis zu $23.800 auf Binance. Nach einem Preisanstieg von 23% ist eine Korrektur von 3% bis 4% relativ gering, verglichen mit historischen Korrekturen nach einer großen Rallye.

Ein Bitcoin-Pullback war vorprogrammiert, da die Futures-Finanzierungsrate am 18. Dezember an den wichtigsten Börsen 0,1% überschritt.

Der Bitcoin-Futures-Markt verwendet ein System namens „Finanzierung“, um ein Gleichgewicht im Markt zu finden. Wenn es mehr Long-Kontrakte auf dem Markt gibt, wird die Finanzierungsrate positiv. Wenn dies der Fall ist, müssen Käufer oder Inhaber von Long-Kontrakten die Short-Verkäufer bezahlen und umgekehrt.

Am 18. Dezember überstieg die Funding Rate auf Bybit und anderen führenden Börsen zum ersten Mal seit der November-Rallye auf $19.000 die Marke von 0,1%. Zu dieser Zeit, nachdem der Futures-Markt überhitzt war, erlebte BTC einen deutlichen Rückzug auf $16.000.

BTC Perpetual Swaps Finanzierungssätze.

Damals war ein Rückschlag von 20 % bis 30 % wahrscheinlich, weil die Finanzierungsrate durchgehend hoch blieb. Dieses Mal hat sich die Finanzierungsrate vergleichsweise schnell abgekühlt. Daher sind die Chancen für eine Konsolidierung höher als für eine Korrektur, zumal neue Kleinanleger noch weitgehend an der Seitenlinie bleiben, wie andere Daten zeigen.

Ein pseudonymer Kryptowährungshändler stellte fest, dass die Binance Futures-Finanzierungsrate Deribit überholt hat.

Obwohl diese Daten keine spezifische Relevanz haben, zeigen historische Trends, dass, wenn dies geschieht, Bitcoin dazu neigt, sich zurückzuziehen. Der Trader sagte:

„Es sieht so aus, dass die meisten Male, wenn die Binance-Finanzierung die Deribit-Finanzierung überholt, wir eine Seitwärtsbewegung oder ein lokales Top bekommen. Es könnte ein „retail FOMO peak signal“ sein.

Ein Grund für diesen Trend könnte die Bedeutung der Binance-Futures als eine Möglichkeit sein, die allgemeine Marktstimmung zu messen.

Wenn der Preis von Bitcoin eine große Preisbewegung sieht, sieht Binance Futures oft große Liquidationen wegen seines hohen offenen Interesses.

Binance Futures bleiben neben CME und OKEx konstant eine der drei wichtigsten Futures-Börsen nach offenem Interesse.

Wenn Binance Futures also beginnt, Anzeichen einer Überhitzung zu zeigen, könnte der Markt in naher Zukunft vorsichtig werden.
Die kurzfristige Straßensperre ist $23.350

Kurzfristig sehen Händler das Widerstandsniveau von $23.350 als die entscheidende Straßensperre für Bitcoin.
Bitcoin-Börse Orderbuch visualisiert. Quelle: Cantering Clark

Der technische Analyst Cantering Clark sagte, dass, wenn Bitcoin $23.350 übersteigt, ein Aufwärtstrend wahrscheinlich ist. Er sagte:

„Die gesamte Struktur des gestrigen Tages verbrachte fast die gesamte Zeit innerhalb des Vortageswertes. Der Vortag war zum Ende des Tages hin ausgeglichen. Sieht bisher sehr sauber aus, gute Inside-Day-Break-Op., die sich einstellt, wenn wir 23350 klar machen. Play the range until the change.“


Adoption de la cryptographie: Niveaux de gris pour relancer l’annonce «Drop Gold»

Niveaux de gris pour utiliser la publicité «drop gold» pour stimuler l’adoption de la cryptographie.
La campagne publicitaire vise à inciter les investisseurs à abandonner de l’or pour Bitcoin.

Le PDG de Grayscale, Barry Silbert, annonce dans un tweet que son entreprise rapporterait une publicité Bitcoin qui a provoqué des controverses.

La campagne publicitaire est connue sous le nom de „goutte d’or“

La société a décidé de ramener cette annonce afin de s’appuyer sur l’élan que le prix du Bitcoin a obtenu récemment. Le prix du Crypto Cash a actuellement le potentiel d’atteindre son niveau record.

Selon le PDG, l’annonce serait diffusée sur tous les grands réseaux aux États-Unis. On s’attend à ce que la campagne publicitaire soit en mesure de stimuler l’adoption de la cryptographie dans le pays.

La publicité demande essentiellement aux investisseurs de choisir les investissements Bitcoin plutôt que les investissements en or. Selon la copie de l’annonce, le mot passe au numérique et, en tant que tel, les investisseurs devraient investir leur argent dans des devises numériques comme Bitcoin .

La copie publicitaire a ensuite énoncé certaines fonctionnalités de Bitcoin. Selon l’annonce, Bitcoin est plus sécurisé, peut être utilisé pour effectuer des transactions internationales et il a une utilité.

Cette annonce a été diffusée pour la dernière fois lorsque Bitcoin ne valait que 5000 $. Depuis lors, la valeur de la crypto-monnaie a triplé et il y a eu des améliorations dans l’adoption de la crypto.

Institutions menant l’adoption de la cryptographie

Contrairement à avant, différentes institutions ont commencé à adopter les crypto-monnaies comme moyen de stocker la valeur et la richesse.

Microstrategy a récemment acheté plus de 2000 BTC pour continuer dans sa foulée d’adoption de la cryptographie. Le PDG de la société de technologie a déclaré que la société ne mettrait pas fin à ses investissements dans Bitcoin de si tôt.

D’autres entreprises comme Square ont également adopté la crypto-monnaie. 1% de l’actif total de Square est en Bitcoin. La société a également noté que la monnaie numérique est l’avenir des transactions financières dans le monde.

L’entrée de PayPal sur le terrain a été saluée par de nombreux passionnés de cryptographie, car elle a le potentiel de conduire à une plus grande adoption de la cryptographie par les particuliers.

Bitcoin is the ‚winner of supply and demand‘, according to Anthony Pompliano

Anthony „Pomp“ Pompliano says Bitcoin is the winner of the bid and ask exercise.

Pomp wouldn’t be surprised if the price of bitcoin hit $ 100,000 before the end of 2021.

The supply shock can catapult bitcoin to a new ATH.

As Bitcoin (BTC) seeks a new all-time high (ATH), noted permabull Anthony ‚Pomp‘ Pompliano, said the largest crypto by market cap could cross $ 100,000 per ‚coin‘ before the end of 2021 .

Several Bitcoin supporters are forecasting a parabolic rise in the price of BTC in the current bullish streak. BTC is currently up over 168% year-to-date (YTD).

The confluence of the winds propels the soaring bitcoin prices

Speaking to CNBC on November 25, Pompliano, co-founder of crypto asset hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital, described Bitcoin as „the winner of the bid and ask exercise.“

According to Pomp, the current price of BTC is due to a convergence of several factors forcing increased demand for a scarce asset.

In May, Bitcoin saw another halving event as block rewards become even rarer. This step meant a further reduction in the daily supply of BTC amid growing demand for the popular cryptocurrency.

Speaking in the interview, Pomp identified the growing pivot towards inflation-hedging assets and the desire for long-term HODLing as triggers for upward action in BTC prices .

The Morgan Creek Digital co-founder also pointed to the supply shock brought on by massive whale buying activities like PayPal and Square.

Even though bitcoin is still trading at around $ 700 less than its ATH, over 97% of BTC addresses are profitable. Indeed, long-term HODLing seems to be the dominant investment logic among holders.

Pompliano also highlighted the growing institutional appetite for bitcoin, as seen in recent months. State-owned companies like MicroStrategy and Square are now adopting BTC as a cash reserve asset instead of cash .

Wall Street leads 2020 bullish lead

Unlike the 2017 surge, the current upward progression seems much quieter, with Bitcoin searches on Google falling far below the levels seen three years ago. For Mike Novogratz , founder of Galaxy Digital:

“This rally is driven by institutions that are slowly entering space, wealthy individuals, hedge funds, real institutions. Bitcoin has become a macro asset. “

As is the case during bitcoin’s bullish times, many commentators are particularly bullish with the BTC price predictions. Speaking in the interview, Pompliano said the price of bitcoin could reach $ 100,000 before the end of 2021.

According to Pomp, if the emerging institutional consensus regarding Bitcoin solidifies, then the price of BTC should easily climb even these high cliffs.

In the midst of this parabolic advance driven by the big money players, some stakeholders are claiming that Bitcoin will begin to challenge gold as a de facto inflation hedging asset.

Bitcoin Falls with Stocks as Markets Uncertain of U.S. Election Results

The price of Bitcoin fell suddenly by 3% in several hours along with the US dollar, gold and shares.

The Bitcoin price (BTC) fell suddenly by 3% over several hours on November 4 to $13,566, after rising briefly above $14,000.

Analysts are pointing to the uncertainty surrounding the election as the catalyst for the sharp correction.

Why the markets fell after rising during the vote count

When the major media actively reported on the vote count, the price of Bitcoin and the shares soared. However, after the vote count was over or the day, all risky assets were put in the red, including S&P 500 futures.

Tracy Alloway, a Bloomberg financial journalist and co-host of Odd Lots, said it was probably due to the statement of President Donald Trump. She said:

She said: „S&P 500 futures don’t like Trump’s suggestion to go to the Supreme Court to challenge the election results. He is now in the red.“

Bitcoin’s recent fall is noteworthy since it fell simultaneously with the dollar. Typically, when the dollar falls, Bitcoin and gold tend to rise, as both value shops are traded for the dollar.

As reported by Cointelegraph, BTC recorded a low correlation with other assets, including stocks in recent weeks. The collective correction among most major assets is therefore presented as an unexpected market response.

What will happen to BTC in the short term?

According to CryptoQuant data, the estimated leverage rate of Bitcoin futures at Binance reached an all-time high. This indicates that there are more traders in the Binance BTC derivatives market than ever before.

Ki-Young Ju, the CEO of CryptoQuant, warned traders on 4 November about the increased volatility caused by the cascade settlements. If there is an abnormally large number of contracts in the market, it can cause massive price movements.

In the short term, given the repeated rejection of the $14,000 level, traders are leaning towards a market decline.

There are several key support levels in the immediate future for Bitcoin. First, the $13,300 area has been heavily defended over the past week. If the BTC continues above $13,300, it would indicate buyer resistance.

Second, the $13,000 level has been supported by whale stocks since early November. This means that whales accumulated large amounts of BTC at that level, making it an area of interest for buyers.

Eis a razão pela qual a DeFi pode estar em baixo

Eis a razão pela qual a DeFi pode estar em baixo, mas não totalmente nocauteada

O empréstimo Genesis tem sido um líder no setor quando se trata de empréstimos/mutuários e empréstimos tanto no varejo quanto em nível institucional. Em seu recente relatório do 3º trimestre, alguns desenvolvimentos interessantes vieram à tona.

Para começar, as origens dos empréstimos aumentaram Bitcoin Trader em mais da metade no terceiro trimestre de 2020, quando comparado ao segundo trimestre de 2020. O total de originações foi observado no valor de US$ 5,52 bilhões.

Motivo: A partir de meados de 2020, o hype da DeFi contribuiu para muitos empréstimos/mutuários em plataformas DeFi. Entretanto, parece que o ponto de origem para a maioria dos empréstimos pode ter vindo do Gênesis.


Mergulhando mais profundamente nas conclusões do relatório, podemos ver que, como sempre, o ativo mais emprestado foi o BTC. Entretanto, deve-se notar que este foi o caso, apesar de um colapso drástico de 51,2% a 40,8%

Embora continue a ser a maior, a demanda da Bitcoin caiu devido ao hype da DeFi. Ativos como USD, ETH e outros equivalentes de caixa foram mais preferidos para liquidez/rendimento agrícola/mineiro. O relatório acrescentou,

„ETH, USD e Equivalentes e „outros“ altcoins impulsionaram o aumento do tamanho do livro no terceiro trimestre. Os empréstimos ETH pendentes saltaram para 12,4% do livro total, o dólar americano aumentou para 34,5% e outros altcoins saltaram para quase 5,0%“.

Claramente, o hype da DeFi diminuiu agora mesmo. E ainda assim, podemos esperar que este crescimento continue em algum ritmo devido a uma razão simples – Bitcoin.

A Bitcoin recentemente atingiu o nível de 14.000 dólares após mais de 1.000 dias, tendo também saído de um grande padrão de baixa no maior período de tempo. Enquanto a DeFi ajudou a cimentar o pico inicial, a Bitcoin se propagará mais alto por si só, mantendo assim esta tendência viva.

Quanto ao mercado DeFi, ele fará um retorno, que não será diferente do que os altcoins fazem na estação alt. Além disso, a DeFi ainda tem mais de 10 bilhões de dólares em valor bloqueados, apesar da propaganda exagerada, um número que sublinha o potencial real e o interesse das pessoas. No entanto, ainda tem um longo caminho a percorrer a partir de onde está, com a propaganda, contratos inteligentes de buggy e fraudes, impedindo-o de entrar nas instituições.